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Toy Goldendoodle Puppies of Illinois!!

*Note: We can fly your puppy to your airport for $350, or deliver directly to your house anywhere in the Continental US for $500-600 (depending on ticket prices). Or we can drive to meet you halfway for free (up to 3hrs one-way)

We do not have any puppies available. Our Goldendoodle waitlist is full for the rest of the litters this year. Sign up for our email updates and we will notify you when we will begin taking Goldendoodle deposits again. 

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Lee is from Larissa & Cash - Born November 2018

Each one of our Toy Goldendoodle puppies comes with the following:

* Up to date on vaccinations and dewormings
* Record of vaccinations and dewormings
* Most pups have their dewclaws removed – see litter details
* Three year genetic health warranty
* Health certificate from our vet
* Collar and leash
* 4lb Starter Supply of Puppy Food

After you have completed your $400 deposit, (balance due with IL tax when you pick up) you will be directed to a page where you can schedule your pick up date and time. Please call or email with any questions!

Hand delivery available anywhere in the US.

Contact Us for details.

The approximate wait time or availability for a Goldendoodle is summer/fall of 2022. 

New litter has arrived!

Kelsie & Dorito’s (pictured) Litter of Mini F1 Goldendoodle Puppies

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Dam: Kelsie
DOB: July 2022
Ready to Go Home: Sept. 2022 
Expected mature weight: 25-45 lbs

5 Males/6 Females

Taking Deposits Now!

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Kelsie’s Precious Puppies! 🙂


See more testimonials here

I wanted to give you an update on Glady, now Lucy, from Glory and Nacho’s litter. She’s doing great! She loves running around in the yard and is so high energy! She’s very smart and has already learned some commands as well as getting the hang of potty training. She’s still quiet but plays with our neighbors dog often and loves meeting new people! Thank you again for her! She weighs 10lbs at 4 months old.
All the best

–Cassidy G.

Kristapher (now Dudley) from Kristi/Nacho. 13 weeks old and doing Great. Soooo smart. Sleeps all night. Awesome Pup!!!

Thank you!

–Kathy G. B.


Merry Christmas Owen! Dudley is doing great. What a great puppy. He is from Kristi and Nacho born May 12, 2018. Weighs 20.6 pounds and just turned 7 months old.

–Kathy G. B.


Thank you so much for our adorable puppy! Charlotte (formerly Erica from Nacho & Emily) just turned 5 months old and weighs 9 pounds. We love having a little golden doodle! She is smart, funny and adorable! She is great with our grandchildren. She loves camping and going for boat rides. She is the perfect puppy for us! Our vet commented that she could tell Charlotte came from a good breeder and we agree. It was a pleasure to deal with Owen and with Charlotte’s guardian family. Thank you!

–Nancy B.


My husband and I are so happy with our dog from Maple Valley! Sherrod from Sheila/Nacho (re-named Charlie) has been such a great addition to our lives. He’s just over 30 pounds, is about a 20″ tall at the shoulders, and his main body (without his tail or nose) is just over 24″ long. He’s kept his golden color. Charlie is very smart and even now, at a year and a half, he is still learning how to do new tricks. He’s playful with other dogs, is gentle with and loves our nieces and nephews, and has been my morning running buddy. I keep dropping hints that Charlie needs a brother soon… and we’d definitely go back to Maple Valley! Thank you for raising such a healthy, bright pup for us! Attached are some pictures of him– he LOVES the snow.


I love my little boy Wilson (Glen) from Glory/Nacho) He is doing well and growing quickly. I don’t think I could have picked a better puppy. Thank you

–Peggy H.

Hi Owen,

I just wanted to give you an update on Brewer (formerly known as Kristo) from Nacho and Kristi’s November 2017 litter. He’s so sweet and smart and was potty trained within 2-3 weeks! He is a beautiful color and doesn’t shed at all. He loves people and plays so well with other dogs. He’s almost 6 months now and weighs 21 lbs. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Thank you!!

–Kate M.

Hi Owen,
I wanted to give an update in Benji formerly Freeman. He is such a sweetheart and intelligent dog he adapted super well, we didn’t even need to house train him!! We are over the moon with a our baby. He is now 8 months old!

–Keefe Family

Hello Owen,
Wanted to give you an update on our puppy that we got in Feb 2017! Peaches (formerly Amanda) was born on Nov 27, 2016! Her parents are Annika and Nacho! She just had her 1st birthday! She is so lovable and we don’t know what we would do without her! She loves her daily walks and greets us every morning when the alarm goes off!! The grandkids love playing with her! She weighs around 24 lbs and doesn’t shed!!! Your puppies are so beautiful! Thanks again.
–Dan and Karen Kremer

I… wanted to send an update on Oliver (formerly Kade) whose parents are Kayla and Nacho. Oliver is now almost 16 months old and he is the best dog I could ever imagine owning. He is such a lover and amazing with children including my 1 year old nephew and 5 year old niece. He absolutely loves playing with other dogs and is full of energy but he also knows when it’s time to calm down and snuggle. Oliver is so intelligent and the best companion I could have asked for. We had our one year vet visit this week and he is healthy as can be weighing in at 32.5 pounds. I can’t thank you enough for my amazing pup!


We got “Ella” from Emily and Nacho’s litter in September 2016. We named her “Ivy” and she is doing awesome! She kept her apricot color for the most part (a little lighter now) and is 15 pounds. Thanks!

–Abigail (Abbey) Steger

This is Ruby. She is from Kristi and Nacho’s litter born on September 29, 2016. She weighs 24.5 pounds. There has been no shedding at all. She is very friendly and has been easy to train. She has a beautiful apricot coat. Thank you for this amazing dog!

With the help from some dear friends Jasper (from a litter by Jessa/Nacho) was adopted on December 2, 2016 for our sweetest Luke Jones. Luke had been saving his $ for a toy Doodle while battling a hard fought battle with Brain Cancer. And a Toy Goldendoodle was just what Luke needed. In the short 8 months that Luke got to spend with his beloved Jasper he brought him so many smiles and memories I will forever be thankful. Jasper helped Luke get through the hardest days of his life, he made him smile, laugh and the best cuddle partner there ever was. Sadly Luke was called home to heaven on July 21, 2017. Luke was never alone with the help of Jasper, his parents Chad, Nikki and older brother Caleb. Jasper is of course still residing with Lukes parents and brother and I am still trying to figure out a way to dognapp him!!  We visit them often and sweet Jasper is always the first to greet us at the door. The first photo is the day Luke was surprised with him. The second photo is the day we snuck him in to see his family at Riley Children’s Hospital and yes they were all surprised and the last pic is Jasper a month ago. Thank you Maple Valley Puppies for bringing a sweet happy smile to Luke’s face.
–Mary Jo

Shade (now named Rev) is out of Sheila & Sammy’s litter born June 6th, 2016. He has been a great pup thus far. Vet say’s he is extremely healthy. He is fantastic around all the grand kids and neighbors kids. He is a bundle of energy as well. Everywhere we take him people just love him and want to know more about him and where we got him. He is turning out to be my wife’s baby and my buddy. We took him on his 1st road trip to the beach and he did fantastic in the car not mention had a blast playing at the beach. He also loves to go camping with us on the weekends. Can’t thank you all enough for a great pup and will always recommend you all to anyone that inquires.

Thanks again, Wade & Christine Stevens

March 2015

We wanted to send an update on Oliver. He just turned 5 months old and we are SO in love with him! His dad is Nacho and his mom is Teresa. We couldn’t ask for a better companion. He is friendly, smart and such a joy to be around. Thank you for the opportunity to welcome this sweet boy into our lives.

Braedon and Chelsea

Ps. We couldn’t help but notice every single one of Oliver’s brothers and sisters went to home in the same state we reside – Illinois. We would LOVE for him to meet them and play! Is there anyway you could give us some sort of contact information? Thanks so much!

Nov 2016

I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our Ruby ( formerly Carly, from Nacho and Kristie’s litter). She was potty trained within 2 weeks, and knew multiple commands by ten weeks and has passed all her puppy training courses. She will be going into training to be a therapy dog. She will be 8 months old in November and is the sweetest puppy ever. She attended over 60 baseball games her first 4 months here and loves everyone she meets. I would definitely get another puppy from Kristie and Nacho. Let me know if they will ever breed together again! Here are some pictures of our sweetheart ❤

Hello Micah and Rose,

We are loving our girl Ellie!!! She’s growing so quickly and is so smart. We are taking her to puppy classes. I hope that in a couple of years I can have her be one of the dogs that visits children at our local large children’s hospital. They have a wonderful program. I am spreading the word about your puppies and how happy we were with our pick up experience. It was very evident that you truly care about your puppies:)

Thank you, Susan Wilcox

July 2014

Hi Javin, I just wanted to write you to give an update on Nando (who is now named Whiskey)! After a very long day of traveling (their second flight was delayed over two hours) the puppies made it to Milwaukee. They were a bit lethargic at first but after a bit of water and some food they perked up quite a bit.

He has been such a joy to have! Such a wonderful personality and loves being my shadow…….


Dec 2012

Hi Micah. Just wanted to let you know we picked up Kati last night. She is such a sweetheart! We are calling her Daisy, and my boys are playing with her now and having so much fun. Thanks so much, Merry Christmas!

DEC 2012 Wanted to let you know that OUR Kandi is doing well! She mastered the stairs on our deck as soon as she saw Nala do it once. Has she done stairs before? She was fantastic on the car ride and hasn’t been to bad with crate training. I think she likes her new big sister…..

Jan 2012

We are so happy with our new puppy, Kandi. We are calling her Amber. She is wonderful with the children and very intelligent. Thank you! L Bree-Anne

JAN 2012 We adopted little Cade, we call him Charlie. He is so intelligent, already knows how to sit and shake and is already potty trained! He’s wonderful! Thanks so much!

S Leedy

Dec 2014

It will be over a year now since Mabel (formerly Elsie) joined our family. She is truly one of the sweetest, smartest, loveliest dogs I’ve ever had and such a big part of our family. She was potty trained in less than 3 weeks, and has never had an accident. She has perfect manners and is perfect when left home alone. People stop us on the street to ask to pet her. Everyone that meets her loves her.

You may laugh, but I think she is almost human. She watches TV, attends doggie daycare 3 times per week, rides the doggie bus, and has a vocabulary sit, heel, stay, down, shake, park, go potty, walk, ball, drop it, go get Daddy and get Hope. Mabel loves our resident orange male tabby cat as well and they chase each other. Her favorite past time is to play fetch with a tennis ball. She is a natural retriever. She is my velco dog and follows me from room to room, never in a needy way. I truly can go on and on about her!

Please let Gloria know that main reason for writing this email is to tell you never to worry about this puppy, Mabel will only know love her whole life. We will always have her best interest at heart. Here are some of my favorite pics: 1) Christmas 2013 2) at walk during daycare with her friends 3) Halloween 2013 4) her daily hugs 5) 1 year birthday celebration.

I’ve been begging my husband for another puppy from Maple Valley, and I may get my wish in late 2015 🙂

J Venezia, CA

Feb 2016

Hi! Mocha (from Kristies Litter) is the name for our mini golden doodle and he is doing very well! He is six month old and about 23 pounds. I can’t describe the accurate size of him and I attached a photo to you instead. We are so glad to live the lives with Mocha!

Thank you so much.

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