About Maple Valley Puppies

About Maple Valley Puppies

December 2018. Seasons are changing and so is Maple Valley! We’ve been shifting a few things in the business and are now flowing and loving our new arrangement. We, Micah & Rose, plan to spend several months in Kenya this winter to help establish a new orphanage while our faithful business partner, Owen, continues to provide the service that Maple Valley is known for.

This is where we’ll be staying in Kenya!



Owen bought the retriever/goldendoodle females from us. At this point, we each sell our own puppies and operate as separate businesses using the same website. We love the freedom it gives to both of us. We can cover for each other and work together but have more time to invest in our dogs. This means our puppies get more socialization and LOTS of LOVE!​

We are an animal loving family that thrives on our life in the country! We have 20 acres of pasture and woodland here in central Illinois. Foxes, squirrels and deer plus lots of songbirds add to the peaceful setting.

We both grew up on farms. Micah’s family raised turkeys and my (Rose’s) family had an ‘Old MacDonald’ farm with a little bit of everything, but specializing in horses. Our families both raised some puppies to sell.

In 2012, Micah had a friend that was raising goldendoodles, but he planned to move out of state and couldn’t take his dogs with him. Hence, our introduction to the lovable ‘doodle. We have been raising goldendoodles since then.

We strive to produce top quality, healthy puppies that will make wonderful pets for years to come. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.