When Maple Valley Puppies Partnered With Castlewood Studios

When Maple Valley Puppies Partnered With Castlewood Studios

There are lots of dog breeders around the world. Quite a few barely know what they’re doing, and far too many care little to nothing for the animals in their care; instead viewing these unfortunate pooches as simply a means to an end.

Thankfully, Maple Valley Puppies is different.

Over the course of many years, Maple Valley Puppies has earned a solid reputation for being a responsible, ethical, and loving breeder of healthy Mini Bernedoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, and Standard Goldendoodles. Factor in the fantastic customer support, the 1-year genetic health warranty, and the starter kit that comes free with every puppy adoption and you’re left with a great deal for anyone wanting to bring home a Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle puppy.

Take a moment to scan through all the testimonials from those delighted folks that’ve adopted their family members from Maple Valley and you’ll see for yourself the level of care and love Micah, Rose, Owen, and the rest of their team put into each and every puppy.

Unfortunately, the previous version of their aging website hadn’t been shown any love in years.

How Castlewood Helped Maple Valley Puppies

Maple Valley’s previous web designer had done a great job of building and optimizing their site back when it was first designed, but over the years, technology and priorities had shifted while the site remained the same. By 2017, a number of things that were not issues for websites back then had grown into major shortcomings today.

First, Maple Valley Puppy’s website didn’t display properly on phones and other mobile devices (a major problem for a site getting the majority of its traffic via phones). It used a more labor-and-time intensive system for modifying and updating content than today’s platforms. Security precautions to protect the site from the hackers and scammers of today were lacking, and un-optimized pictures were consuming excessive disk space and bandwidth, slowing down the site. Collectively, these issues were hurting their website, its rankings in the search engines, and potentially Maple Valley’s bottom line. In other words, it was a website in dire need of some major updates.

In addition to their other concerns, Maple Valley was also looking for a more affordable solution to their online needs. That’s when they got in contact with Castlewood Studios.

We knew Maple Valley Puppies was already well-regarded online. We knew they had plenty of people excitedly waiting to adopt Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies, and we knew those people who wouldn’t be happy having their dreams put on hold because a website wasn’t working properly. We couldn’t let unforeseen complications cut into their bottom line, so the team at Castlewood got to work.

We started by adding mobile responsivity, and implementing an attractive modern user interface to the site. Next we built a customized marketing and advertising solution for Maple Valley Puppies that was as simple to use as it was effective. We tweaked and optimized, brainstormed better solutions and grudgingly abandoned inferior ideas, and generally put our hearts into crafting the best, hardest-working website we could. All throughout the build, we worked closely with Micah and Owen to ensure everything we implemented would meet or exceed their needs and expectations. In the end, Maple Valley was left with a new website that is modern, fast, works across all devices, and is backed by a team of Castlewood professionals ready to meet any challenge or goal head-on.

Maybe you, like the folks at Maple Valley Puppies, have a product or service that snuggles itself into people’s hearts and sells itself. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you need a little (or a lot) of help when it comes to designing/running a website, or planning and performing online marketing. Maybe you want friendly, helpful customer service rather than the disregard you’ll get from soulless large corporations and fly-by-night con artists, or perhaps you’re looking for more experience and better support than what some part-time hobbyist can provide.

Maybe you want to work with people that actually care about seeing your website, and your business, succeed.

If so, then Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us help with all of your business’ web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs!

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